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SES Emergency Response

Storm Response

Storms can hit at any time and the Malvern response area is not immune.  The SES is legislated to help our community with storm damage, be it from trees being blown over or buildings being damaged by wind or rain.

The Malvern unit is very well trained and equipped to help you during and after storms. 


Flood Response

Much of the Malvern response area is prone to flooding.  With the Yarra River and Gardiners Creek running through the middle of our area, we are used to being called to help with flooding and flood damage during heavy rains.

Rescue Services

The Malvern Unit is on standby 24 x 365 to be called to rescue situations.

Note that Metropolitan units, such as Malvern, do not provide road crash rescue services as the outer metropolitan and country units do.


Assistance to Other Agencies

The Malvern Unit is often called by other agencies to assist them in their duties:

  • Police regularly call for our assistance in searches for missing people or evidence, to provide lighting at incidents, or to help secure damage to buildings

  • The MFB and CFA call for SES's assistance during protracted events such as bushfires and large metropolitan fires

  • Ambulance Victoria can call for SES's assistance to gain access to or move patients, and also for specialist rescue services

Emergency Incident Management

All Australian emergency services use a common incident management framework, called AIIMS.  All SES volunteers are trained in AIIMS and, after suitable experience, can and do fill roles in incident management teams for all ranges of emergencies, across Australia and internationally.


Earthquake and Tsunami Response

We don't get many earthquakes or tsunamis in Melbourne!  But the Malvern unit is trained and ready to help should there be damage from these in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and even overseas.

Community Education

Part of our role is to provide education to our community on preparedness and what to do in case of emergencies.  We do this via engagement at events and visits to community organisations.



Unfortunately, fundraising is also part of what we have to do.  While we are a service that is written into legislation, we are still not fully funded and need to generate extra money to allow us to maintain equipment (vehicles, chainsaws, etc), training and expendables (fuel, uniforms, etc) that are all required to provide our service.

So if you see us fundraising, and you're in a position to help, we'd really like to see a gold coin (or more!) dropped our way!

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